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Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Love, Liberty, and Innovation!

Let’s Love All the Folks in Thousand Oaks!

Love and Liberty Will Keep Us Together!

Let’s Use Love and Logic To Guide Our Great City!

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council
The Love and Liberty Philosophy

Jeff Schwartz has a passion for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the heritage of freedom we’ve been blessed with since 1776.  He’s spent 30 years of his life advocating bold and innovative ideas about how we can promote LOVE and HARMONY, LOWER YOUR TAXES, and improve your life WITHOUT increasing the cost of government, and WITHOUT infringing upon any of your individual liberties.

Jeff’s viewpoint is as American as apple pie and resonates with the majority of Americans. He cares about EVERYBODY’S rights and freedoms.

Love and liberty bring people together! Let’s LOWER YOUR TAXES, restore the American Dream, and bring back the good old days of love, peace, and harmony.

Jeff Schwartz says, “No More Jokes On Thousand Oaks!”

Jeff Schwartz says, “Love All The Folks in Thousand Oaks!”

Jeff Schwartz says, “Empower The Folks in Thousand Oaks!” 

Jeff Schwartz says, “LOVE AND LIBERTY Will Keep Us Together!”

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

I want to empower you, the citizen, to have more freedom of choice and more options in your life. I advocate reforms that will allow the city government to require less of your hard-earned money, thereby reducing the need for high taxes and inflation.

To begin the process of reforming government and making our lives better, we need a voice in government who can articulate these bold, new ideas and bring them up for discussion and consideration.

We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to leave them with a country that’s as free as the country we grew up in. Please join me in my quest to bring bold, new ideas involving individual liberty and personal responsibility to our City Council.

Jeff Schwartz on Love and Liberty:
I Want to Empower You!

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Jeff Schwartz on Love and Liberty:
Big Government Is Failing Us

Our system of big, over-controlling government has been a colossal failure time after time.  Despite an 85-year-old “War on Poverty” and “War on Homelessness,” our poverty and homelessness problems are not getting better.  Despite three generations of “reforms,” our public schooling system is heavily criticized by one special interest group after another. These schools are now a battleground for an ever-escalating culture war in this city.

We can have a city that’s more prosperous, peaceful, harmonious, and safe. All we need to do is to start implementing policies that promote individual liberty, freedom of choice, voluntary action, and personal responsibility. Almost every problem we face today can be improved by empowering our citizens with more freedom and more personal responsibility.

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Slash Property Taxes?

Since 1978, California’s Proposition 13 has saved taxpayers billions of dollars in taxes. What if we strengthened Prop 13 so that ALL property owners get their property taxes reduced even more?  This would create massively lower tax bills, stimulate new housing, super-charge our local economy, and cause landlords to voluntarily reduce the rents on apartments.

Slash Sales Taxes?

Could we super-charge our local economy by reducing or eliminating local sales tax? If Thousand Oaks could set its sales tax rate lower than that of surrounding communities, would out-of-town shoppers flock to our city in droves to make purchases of big-ticket items like cars, trucks, appliances, and furniture? Would these increased sales  stimulate our businesses and create more jobs?

Slash Local Income Taxes?

California has one of the highest income tax rates in the county. What if we were to stimulate our local economy by reducing reckless or unnecessary spending by the City of T.O.? By saving money, could we justify reducing local income taxes?  Could that make us all better off and more prosperous?

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Let's Stay Free!

Is it time to repeal the Thousand Oaks Proclamation of a Local Public Health State of Emergency, which has been in place for well more than two years? Are you ready to return to normal? Let’s never violate the Bill of Rights. Let’s always respect your right to medical privacy.


Inflation is surging and eating away at our savings and our standard of living. Inflation is caused by excessive government spending. Let’s respect our future generations and not saddle them with our debts. Let’s identify and eliminate waste and reckless overspending.


Let’s end the civil war in local education and empower our families with new options. Do you want more choices? Let’s live and let live and employ the Golden Rule.

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

Public Safety/Crime

Public safety must be a top priority. Let’s make Thousand Oaks the safest city in California. Let’s not be soft on law enforcement. Let’s also support our Constitution.

Water Shortages

 A major cause of our perpetual water crisis has been government giving away 80% of California’s water to special interests at highly subsidized rates. Would it be possible to end the water shortages by ending the water subsidies to special interests?

Open Spaces

The voters of Thousand Oaks overwhelmingly support preservation of our open spaces. Let’s listen to the people. Can we preserve the beauty of this area while at the same time addressing the ongoing needs of our community? 

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Love and Liberty! Jeff Schwartz for T.O. Council

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Jeff Schwartz

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Susan Aquino, Retail

Chris Bouckeart, Freedom Advocate

Pascal Bruijn, Attorney

Matthew Butts, Freedom Advocate

Sandra Butts, Teacher

Steven Butts, Rancher

Gordon David Durich, Creative Consultant

Daniel Githens, Retired

Emily Handy, Freedom Advocate

Shehab Harb, Local Business Owner

Austin Jackson, Education

Ken Kenyon, Community Volunteer

Chuck Langley, Project Management

Michael Lema, Journeyman Electrician

Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party of California

Libertarian Party of Ventura County

Adrian Malagon, Business Development

Eric Montanez, Freedom Supporter

Move the Needle California

Dave Schrader, Data Specialist

Dan O’Shea, CPA

Jack Sprinkle, Jr., Retail Manager

Craig Strachan, Real Estate Investor

Mark Suarez, Actor

Reinita Susman, Documentary Producer

Emily Tufeld, Marketing

Oliver Varoujan, Gun Rights Advocate


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