Meet Jeff Schwartz

Love and Liberty:
Not Your Typical "Politician"

I’m not your typical “politician.”  In fact, I’m not a politician at all. I would be better labeled as an “anti-politician” or “non-politician.”

I’m a grassroots advocate and activist who works for the cause of individual liberty and human rights. I’m also a government whistleblower who exposes government overreach and malfeasance. I’m a retired municipal civil servant with additional experience in business and marketing. As a high-achieving Ivy League college graduate and math whiz, I have the intelligence and skills needed to analyze financial data and government reports. If elected, I will serve as a vital citizen-watchdog who will expose and oppose City Council wrongdoing and malfeasance. Thousand Oaks sorely needs a government watchdog like me.

Jeff Schwartz

Candidate for T.O. Council 2022

I’m an INDEPENDENT challenger in this race. I’m not beholden to either of the two major parties.  I’m controlled by no one. Because of this, I’m in a position to  expose and boldy challenge governmental waste, malfeasance and wrongdoing.

Some Democrats have told me that they believe that local government is corrupt, and that the crooks are Republicans. Some Republicans have told me they believe that local government is corrupt, and that the crooks are Democrats.  Could it be possible that they both are correct?

I have a 30-year history of being a passionate advocate of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and solutions to our problems that don’t require more government or higher taxation.  For more than three decades, it’s been my hobby to study and advocate liberty solutions to societal problems. That puts me in a position to present these bold and transformative ideas to the public. I have a positive message for all honest citizens who are seeking truth, justice, and respect for human rights.  It is my desire to to unite the citizenry under the principles of Love and Liberty.

In addition to my work as a freedom-advocate and government whistleblower, I also spend some of my time raising two teens, tending to my garden, and playing my bass guitar.

Love and Liberty:

Jeff Schwartz

Candidate for T.O. Council 2022

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Jeff Schwartz
The Love and Liberty Philosophy

Jeff Schwartz has a passion for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the heritage of freedom we’ve been blessed with since 1776.  He’s spent 30 years of his life advocating bold and innovative ideas about how we can promote HARMONY and LOVE, LOWER YOUR TAXES, and improve your life WITHOUT increasing the cost of government, and WITHOUT infringing upon any of your individual liberties.

Jeff’s viewpoint is as American as apple pie and resonates with the majority of Americans. He cares about EVERYBODY’S rights and freedoms.

Love and liberty bring people together! Let’s LOWER YOUR TAXES, restore the American Dream, and bring back the good old days of love, peace, and harmony.

Jeff Schwartz says, “No More Jokes On Thousand Oaks!”

Jeff Schwartz says, “Love All The Folks in Thousand Oaks!”

Jeff Schwartz says, “Empower The Folks in Thousand Oaks!” 

Jeff Schwartz says, “LOVE AND LIBERTY Will Bring Us Together!”

Jeff Schwartz

For T.O. Council

Hey, Mr. Bass Man

I’m not just a “politician.” There’s a personal side to me, too!  My hobbies include vegetable gardening and playing music.  For those of you who want to see me play bass, below is a link to a video.

Jeff Schwartz

Candidate for T.O. Council 2022